Achai“ Foundation - Leadership by action“

The Leadership Academy was established for developing and bequeathing social and community values in cooperation with leading parties in social and business community fields.

The Leadership Academy has been active since 2005.

The contents and activities are administered in two day to two month long seminars and conferences 

Overseen by leading mentors in various fields, while forming connection between participants over the long term and sustainable, long lasting community agreement. 

The Leadership Academy fosters and furthers the legacy of two exceptional leaders


Amir Mey-tal

was born in 1959  in Hadera, raised and educated in the military boarding school of the" Hareali" School in Haifa, served in an elite unit as a soldier and commander, while supporting and helping people around him in the military and civil fields, in his own unique and admired manner. Amir led the approach that held that what we don’t do ourselves, won’t get done by itself.

Through his actions, to his family and friends and towards his subordinates, he laid down the philosophy of “he who acts leads”.

Despite being sent to study, he quickly came back to assume command of a Golani infantry battalion. He was killed leading his troops at the age of 29, in an engagement with terrorists deep in Lebanese territory in 1988.

His legacy is one of mutual help, initiative and perseverance

Oded Hai

was born in 1928 in Jerusalem. As a scout leader, he volunteered for the ranks of the Jewish Brigade to fight the Nazis in World War Two in Europe, and as a 17 year old teenagers decided to stay in Europe to help refugees come to the Land of Israel, whose borders were sealed after the war.

He trained and transferred his identity documentation to a holocaust survivor so that he could come to the Land of Israel disguised as a soldier returning to his homeland, and so that he would not be considered a deserter from the brigade, within the Haganah’s “doppelganger” activity.

When he returned to the Land of Israel, he commanded Gadna (youth brigade) troops of the Yonatan company and fell, while leading his company in the battle of Hamama Ruins (today’s Yad Vashem sight) during the War of Independence in 1948.

His legacy is one of voluntarism, resourcefulness and saving lives


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